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How often should I change my shifter cables?

Approximately every 6 months and about 1 month before a race.

What size cassette should I use?

For a flat course use a 12-25T cassette. For a hilly course, use a 11-28T cassette (or larger if your derailer allows it). These are general recommendations, and the nature of the course in addition to your crank size will influence what size cassette you should use. Consult with your coach to help you dial it in.

How many calories should I take biking and running?

This can vary by time, intensity and an individual's metabolism. A good starting point is 1.8 times your weight in pounds for cycling and 1.4 times your weight in pounds for running. These calories should be exclusively from carbohydrates. Try to limit fat, protein and fiber intake as these nutrients may not sit well, especially during the run. Train with what you plan on racing with.

What do I do if I run out of my sports drink?

You can make up a quick sports drink my mixing 1/4 cup of sugar and a pinch of table salt in a 20 oz bike bottle. This will give you about 200 calories and 500 mg of sodium. Add 1-2 tablespoons of lemon juice for flavor.

How much sodium should I take in?

A good starting point is 15 mg of sodium per ounce of sweat loss per hour.

What do I do if I drop my custom nutrition on race day?

Before the race make sure you research what is available on the course and what you would have to take in if you did not have your custom nutrition.

What do you wear for the swim?

Generally people wear their tri kit underneath their wetsuit/speedsuit. Putting a bike top on a wet body in T2 can be incredibly difficult, costing minutes

Should you change into running clothes during Ironman?

If you are aiming for a PR or Kona qualification, time is of the essence, and you shouldn't change. If you're looking at a long day and running clothes will provide some additional comfort, then go for it.

What do you put in your bike special needs bag?

At minimum any personal nutrition, one CO2 cartridge, one tube and a tire if you are riding tubulars. Other things for consideration: extra clothing, sunscreen, medication, and contact lenses.

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What do you put in your run special needs bag?

Personal nutrition, extra clothing (especially socks), sunscreen, medication (especially imodium), lubrication (e.g. BodyGlide) and contact lenses.

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Displaying 21 - 30 of 52123456

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