Tracy Landeryou- Baystate Marathon

I participated in the 2017 Baystate marathon in Lowell,MA yesterday….touted as a good one for first timers as it is mainly flat. And it was mostly flat except in mile 4 and 14, and the bridges. The temps were perfect to start, wearing my cooling sleeves and light gloves. I started up my marathon playlist and Gettin Jiggy with it came on! I started up my Garmin so the gps would be ready and got a low battery warning for my HR monitor. Oh well, nothing I can do about that now!

Eventually people started moving, I jogged a bit then had to walk a bit due to the number of people. Eventually I got running and started my Garmin as I crossed the timing mat. I was off! Oh crap, I was doing a marathon! I paid very close attention to my pace and I’m glad I did as I started a little faster than I wanted. I settled into my pace and was actually passing people!

I passed mile 1! Ok, one down let’s focus on the next one. I was carrying my Orange Mud hydration pack so I wouldn’t have to stop at aid stations. That can be my nemesis when I get tired. That’s when the walking starts. I managed to grab water at some of the stops without actually stopping and finally figured out how to drink a bit without wearing it. I managed my pace, hydration and nutrition (Gu) pretty well for the first half. At some point the lead truck, motorcycle cop went by, I knew the lead runner was not far behind….and there he was, all legs and running so fast, and not even looking phased. I found out later he only missed the record time by a couple of minutes. I pulled my gloves off at about mile 8 and handed them to my hubby at the turn for lap two, which was about mile 12 (???). Lucky guy, gets two hot pink gloves that are sweaty, probably a little snotty, and maybe a little sticky from Gu.

As I neared mile 14 I remembered there was an impromptu aid station set up by a business owner, she was handing out bottled water. I grabbed a bottled and soaked my cooling sleeves as it was getting warm. Not too bad temp wise but better to be safe than sorry. I managed to stay pretty true to my epace through mile 22 (a little slower than I’d like 20-22 but I’ll take it).

I bailed on my nutrition after Gu #7, which I had to fight to keep down. I really need to find another fuel source, gels just don’t do it for me for that long (all recommendations welcome). I stopped to walk a bit and my right knee was not happy with me. I told myself I am only going to walk for “x” time and I held myself to it. I started to run again and it didn’t feel great but I kept going, telling myself I would stop at the next aid station. So I played the walk run game from 22-25 miles. My legs were toast. Since I had stopped the Gu I made sure I at least did Gatorade at every stop….I really don’t like lemon lime….it and my stomach don’t get along. But I knew I needed calories and electrolytes. At the 25 mile mark I told myself I needed to run the rest of the way, it was only just over a mile. And I did!

I rounded a corner near the end and saw my hubby talking to the announcer….and the announcer said “and there’s Tracy Landeryou, a first timer, from Harvard, MA!” Huge smile on my face as Aaron snapped some photos, jogged a few steps with me and said “I’ll see you at the finish”. I ran the rest of the way, seemed like a lot of turns, where the hell is the finish line!!!! Oh, there it is! I am so friggin happy and so sore!!!!!

I crossed the line, they handed me a bottle of water and a heat blanket, then put the really heavy medal around my neck! I did it! I ran a friggin marathon! Wholly crap everything hurt!!!!

Special shout out to my hubby Aaron for spending all day out there and being my biggest cheerleader. The volunteers were awesome, aid stations were perfect and the TRex at mile 7/17 aid station was amazing! Made me laugh. And to my coach…Dave Sek for his patience, support and encouragement.

My goal was to run it in under 5:30, and I did! What a day!!!

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