2018 Team Charity: Waypoint Adventure

One of the greatest gifts about being an athlete is that it allows us numerous opportunities to experience the outdoors. It is hard imagine a life without access to nature. We have been blessed with this gift, while others may not have such easy access. This is why in 2018 Revel Racing will support Waypoint Adventure for our team charity. Waypoint Adventure is a local non-profit enabling individuals with physical and mental disabilities to experience the outdoors in numerous ways.

Waypoint Adventure is a non-profit educational organization founded in 2010 that uses quality experiential and adventure-based programs to transform the lives of individuals with disabilities. Waypoint works with school groups, social service organizations, families and individuals to offer custom designed adventure programs that meet their goals and objectives. These programs are not just about having fun on a boat ride, climbing high on a rock or sliding down a zip line – They are about positive individual and group development. They’re about building social and character skills, forming teams and transforming people’s views of themselves and their abilities.

Waypoint believes that all people, regardless of ability, will have opportunities for adventure, and through them realize their personal value, strengths and abilities. The challenge faced and support discovered in these experiences challenge people to become stronger individuals and community members.

Waypoint is always looking for volunteers. Any athlete that chooses to volunteer with them for one of their adventures, we will be happy to consider that their “fundraiser” and add their allotment to the team donation at the end of the year. If there is enough interest, we will arrange to make this a group event

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