Wait List

In order to ensure quality coaching for all of our athletes we have a two-staged approach to limit the number of athletes we coach.

A “soft cap” will be implemented at the point where we have fifteen actively coached athletes. Above fifteen athletes, we will no longer continue to take on new clients and only allow returning athletes to reinitiate coaching up until we have twenty coached athletes.

A “hard cap” will be implemented at the point where we have twenty actively coached athletes. Twenty coached athletes is the maximum number we will allow to be coached at any given point regardless of their previous status with the team.

Just Reveling members will have the right of first refusal once a coached athlete spot becomes available.

Rate Guarantee

Once an athlete registers, their rate is guaranteed as long as they maintain a membership. In the event the athlete needs time off between seasons, the athlete may maintain an uncoached membership to guarantee their rate (and a coached slot if a wait list is being implemented). While participating as an uncoached member, the athlete’s coached rate will be guaranteed for 12 months. After this point, should the athlete decide to reinitiate coaching, they will do so at the current rate.

Should an athlete decide to move from a Tailored Plan to Weekly Coaching (or vice versa), the athlete will move into that service at its current rate. Should the athlete decide the new plan is not working out for them, they will have four weeks to move back to the previous plan at its original rate



You are billed monthly for the month ahead on the day of the month you initially signed up. The athlete must cancel their subscription by e-mailing info@revelracing at least seven days before the billing date. If the notification is within seven days and the athlete is accidentally charged, a refund will be mailed by check minus a transaction fee.

No refunds will be given for partial months.

Cancellation of your membership will relinquish your right to a locked rate and open up a slot if we are currently imposing a wait list. If you would like to maintain your rate and reserve a spot on the team, you must maintain an uncoached membership.


No refunds will be issued for coaching fees. Refunds may be issued for returned items or unused additional services upon request. Any refund issued will be mailed by check minus a transaction fee.