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Tracy Landeryou

1st time half-ironman finisher

Dave works with me to arrange a schedule around my busy work, he helped me through a challenging hip issue, and he gives me feedback to help me improve and lots of encouragement! I am honored to have such an amazing triathlete as a coach!

Ben Besse

1st time Ironman finisher

I came to my coach Dave Sek in December, having never done anything more than a sprint and unable to run due to injury, with this crazy idea of competing at IMMT in August. He crafted nothing short of an incredible plan, and has challenged my perceived limits every single day.

Ann Hammer

Kona Qualifier

I have so much appreciation and respect for Dave, my crazy smart coach who somehow took me in seven months from barely being able to walk on a newly reconstructed ankle, to not just finishing an ironman, but qualifying for Kona. I didn’t really even know that was possible, but we were both willing to try.